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Donnatella the Artist

Sculpted Clay

Faux Work

The artist creates Art Dolls using polymer clay. Here are some of her newest pieces for sale.

Nicolas and Aesir the Ram...


Hands and face along with the marriote he is holding was sculpted. Eyes on all pieces are hand painted. The rams head and hooves are scupted. The wool was added one small section at a time. Standing 16" tall and both full armatured this pair is $600.00

The Jester...


He is holding a mask and an ornament. His bag is full and the lace on his cuff is real. Being a very elegant gentleman he is dressed to the hilt. Face and hands are sculpted and eyes are hand painted. Standing 22" tall his is $450.00

Babuska the Russian Gift Giver...


She gives children what they need, not always what they want. She even carries a miniture spinning wheel. Hands and face sculpted. Eyes are hand painted. Standing 14" tall she is $350.00

Master Green the Elf...


He is a center piece of sorts. He sits holding a lovely bag filled with pine boughs and gold pine cones. Beautiful from every angle. Face and hands sculpted. Shoes stiched and sitting is 14" tall. He is $450.00

The Gift Giver...


 He is holding an old velvet bag loaded to over flowing with old and new goodies. Face and hands are sculpted and eyes are hand painted. Standing 28" tall his is $450.00



This rabbit's head, hands and feet are sculpted. Eyes are made of black glass. Fully armatured and sitting on a faux covered egg. Sitting 10" tall and is SOLD...

Fossil the Gatherer...


He carries all his finds of today while holding a sculpted staff with a knarled face. He is wearing a turtle shell that wasn't being used and his shoes are felt leaves. His face, hands and feet are sculpted. His eyes are hand painted. Notice his fingers and toes, only 4 on each...Standing 13" tall he is $400.00

Old Elfie...


He sits on a mother goose book that is proped on an old wood plate. Being the oldest elf his job is to inspect all toys.
The bear is sculpted as well as his face and hands. Eyes are painted and together he sits 10" tall is is $250.00

A Quote From The Artist
"All of my work is unique in that I use NO molds. Each and every one is an original one of a kind piece. I sculpt the faces, the hands and layer upon layer of tinted glazes to color each work. I paint the eyes, using old pearl beads as the base. Each piece has a metal and wire armature to structure it. A felt body is hand stiched and stuffed with cotton to complete the doll itself."
"All pieces are hand stiched, dolls, dressing or shoes. I use old and new fabrics, so there may be some that have machine stiching on them. Using silk, brocade, velvet and tapestry to give the feel of real Old World to these pieces is my joy.
I use old christmas ornaments and garlands, new toys or some of my sculpted pieces to complete the piece. "
-Donnatella the Artist...